May 30, 2013
Karen Williams

Announcement: Should You Trust The Super Wave Oven Reviews?

If you watch enough late-night television, then you may well have seen the infomercial for the Sharper Image Super Wave Oven. This is an extremely popular home appliance that enables you to do all kinds of cooking in a fraction of the time. This has a lot more functionality than a microwave, because you can cook meat and entire meals without anything getting dried out or overcook. When you read the Super Wave Oven reviews, you will see just how much of a difference this unique appliance can make in your family.

What Is The Super Wave Oven?

This is a very popular product that has completely changed the way that many people cook their food. It utilizes tri-cooking technology that cooks food from the inside out to make sure that the food stays juicy. You can use this to cook food directly from the freezer without having to defrost, which will save you even more time.

During my research in to this product, I came across a video  by Frank of ‘DiscsDelivered’ which gives a clear view of what the Sharper Image Super Wave Oven actually is:

Just to avoid any confusion however, I should point out that the solid metal collar that Frank has placed around the bowl is actually a 3 inch, stainless steel extension ring that is designed to be placed on top of the bowl to increase capacity! – See top right on this page. (Sorry Frank, I just had to let the people know 🙂 ).

How Does This Oven Really Work?

The Super Wave Oven uses infrared heating, convection technology, and halogen lamps to cook your food three times as fast. You do not need to use additional fats or oils, and you will notice that when you grill meats, they will be tender and juicy but without all of the normal fat. This is the perfect way to bake or roast your meat, and you can even use it for barbecuing and frying.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Super Wave Oven is that it is thoroughly self-cleaning, and you can even put part of it in the dishwasher, too. This uses 80 percent less energy than traditional methods of cooking and is ideal for not only cooking roasts, whole chickens, and other large pieces of meat, but any frozen dishes, snacks, and more. In short, you can use it anywhere you would normally use your traditional oven, but when you do so you will save money and a whole lot of time, too.

When you order the Super Wave Oven, you will get not only the oven, but also safety handles, two individual cooking racks, tongs for removing hot items, a stainless steel extender ring that will increase the capacity of the oven to 16 quarts, and also a recipe book. This is all you need to get started with this kind of quick and easy cooking.

What Do The Super Wave Oven Reviews Say?

Because this is a fairly different kind of product, it is worth taking a look at some of the Super Wave Oven reviews before you buy it. A lot of people don’t trust infomercials that they see on television, and so finding out what real people have to say is pretty important and you will definitely see very positive reviews for this product.

“What I love about this is that you get a healthier meal and it cooks so much faster. This is been a great buy for our family.” – Maura, NY (testimony from company website)

“We are always in a hurry, and this makes cooking a lot quicker. We are eating better than ever before now.” – Patsy, OK (testimony from company website)

When you read some of the Super Wave Oven reviews, you will see that because this product is so easy to clean, a lot of people will use this instead of a traditional oven or other cooking appliance.

“We use this all the time now since it is so easy to set up and clean. It just makes cooking a lot easier.” – Rebecca, WI (testimony from company website)

Is This The Right Appliance for You?

There are a number of models available, with the Sharper Image Infrared, Carbon Heat and Convection Technology Super Wave Digital Oven being at the top of the range. This comes complete with Digital Display to set your own time and temperature, together with 8 Progammed Presets for effortless cooking.

The fact that the Super Wave Oven comes with a full refund guarantee means that it is very well made and with 30 days to try it, you can see for yourself if this is the right kind of appliance for you. Whether you are cooking for yourself or you have a large family, being able to cook your meals three times as fast by using only 20 percent of the energy is always going to be a good solution. You can tell from the Super Wave Oven reviews that this product is beloved by many people and it may well be the one appliance that could really change the way you and your family cook and eat.

Where Can You Get The Best Deal On This Product?

Even though you can buy the Sharper Image Super Wave Oven in a number of stores, you will get a much better deal by buying it online from an established and official retailer. The Super Wave Oven comes with an extendable warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee too, so there is no risk to you at all.


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